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EvolucionArts is pleased to present "Parallel Universes: An International Art Gathering", a unique exhibition celebrating the cultural diversity and creativity of artists from 18 different countries.

This exhibition will take place in EvolucionArts' innovative Metaverse Gallery, where virtual art meets the real world in a way that transcends physical and geographical borders.

The "Parallel Universes" exhibition is a tribute to the richness of global creativity, where art becomes a bridge between different nations, cultures and perspectives.

Each participating artist brings their unique vision to the exhibition, creating a mosaic of styles, techniques and narratives that reflect the diversity of our globalized society.

Visitors to the EvolucionArts Metaverse Gallery will be able to explore works of art ranging from traditional painting and contemporary sculpture to digital art and virtual reality.

Each piece in the exhibition tells a story, captures an emotion or invites reflection on topics that transcend borders.

This event is not only a celebration of creativity, but also an opportunity to foster intercultural understanding and global dialogue through art. The "Parallel Universes" exhibition offers attendees the opportunity to experience the richness of artistic diversity and, at the same time, reflect on the similarities that unite us as human beings.

Join us on December 1, 2023 at the EvolucionArts Metaverse Gallery and immerse yourself in an artistic journey that crosses borders, cultures and perspectives.

Discover how art can unite people from different countries in a single virtual space, and experience the beauty of "Parallel Universes".

Don't miss this unique opportunity to celebrate global creativity in the heart of the metaverse!

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