I come from Oaxacan roots although I was born and live in Mexico City, since I was a child I showed love for art painting,

I won a SEP drawing and painting contest at the age of 9, as a teenager I participated in the CCH Vallejo for the mural in said school, however at 22 years of age, I suffered an accident, which leaves me completely deaf, over time I met the Tabasco painter Luis Sn Carlos, who gave me support with classes and art direction, with teacher Javo Escudero I studied engraving in Oaxaca. Start with plastic works where the main theme is women, bulls and death.

I am self-taught, it took me a lot of work to find my own style, within my eternal silence I achieved my connection, with canvas as something spiritual, being deaf gave me more sensitivity to create my works as well as a mind-blowing desire to paint women, as a thank you for their beauty and inspiration they evoke,

I am fascinated by working with texture, using different materials since I was a varnisher for some time, hence

I learned to create a mixture that I use in each background of my works, to achieve a range of colors, this being

my own style. I was inspired by Modigliani, Picasso and my teacher Luis Sn Carlos.

I only want to express in each work, my madness and delirium for color, that it is always striking and cheerful, by not being able to hear, I listen to the tones, with the look of my own restlessness, my desire to experience more grows every time Through the art of painting, in these 7 years I learned to love life more, this connection between art and

true love, it is a passion that overflowed when in front of the canvas.

I have more than 50 individual and group exhibitions from cultural houses, galleries in Mexico and others. States, auctions as well as two International Exhibitions to mention a few:

* Aguafuerte Gallery group exhibition women

* Collective exhibition now it's time for women Galeria Valquirico, Tlaxcala

* Collective exhibition “EQUS” Sheraton Reforma Hotel

* Individual exhibition “Idyll from a silence” Casa Tamaulipas

* Collective exhibition mining is culture Acapulco Guerrero

* Chile quarantine gallery

* Davinci 2023 festival exhibition

El enamorado
Mixta sobre madera
150 x 100
Carpa con harapos
80 x70
Deseo entre hojas
Mixta sobre lienzo
100 x 90
Diva con rebozo
Mixta sobre lienzo
70 x 50
jardín de Eva
Mixta sobre lienzo
90 x 70
Jardín de la nostalgia
Mixta sobre papel Fabriano
76 x 56
Mixta sobre lienzo
90 x 70
La güera
Mixta sobre lienzo
50 x 40
Venus de Juchitán
Mixta sobre lienzo
90 x 100

Visiones temporales Mixta sobre lienzo

180 x 150

Los amantes
Mixta sobre lienzo
90 x 70
María y sus pibes
Mixta sobre lienzo
80 x 70
Mary con peces besucones
Mixta sobre lienzo
90 x 70
No que muy gallito
Mixta sobre lienzo
80 x 70
Soliloquio de una dama
Mixta sobre lienzo
90 x 80
Versánico cardúmen
mixta sobre llienzo
90 x 70